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Default Re: How you are supposed to smoke & irritating habits

Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
I agree with luv2smoke, it is inappropriate to blow smoke in someones face. Regarding the hose, I am an Arab and I don't care how someone is passing the hose, he can point to any direction he wants.
Arab here too ..... Don't care about the hose passing thingy

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
what do mean "through the middle"?
I think I know but need a confirmation, I do understand the "lasso" thing meaning you don't point the hose at the person when handing it to them, however that is getting harder these days with the larger handle hoses.

He means put in the middle of his mouth (like a straw) ...... That would make him drool on the hose, girls are allowed for that particular reason LOL
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