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Default Re: Traditional practices...

Originally Posted by squareben View Post
I was wondering what are the traditional ways of smoking shisha pipes in Arabic cultures...Ive heard stuff like Men hold the hose at the bottom, you should smoke through the side of your mouth, you shouldnt point the hose at who your passing it to etc. What else is there?


I hold it at the bottom of the long handel and sit back if taking it easy if smoking aggresively i hold one hand at the bottom of the long handel and one wrapped around the mouth piece (i think this is a Pakistani thing) and i smoke out the side of the mouth but this is just how i feel natural smoking, i dont do it because its traditional even though it may be so.

I think you're taking this too seriously, just smoke how you want. Shisha is about relaxing, unwinding not stress. Chill

I dont think anyone cares even if you went to an Arab country as long as you dont blow smoke in anyones face and put your feet up on the table i dont think there care either. If you do visit one just copy what they do, simple.

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