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Default Re: Traditional practices...

This is turning into an interesting discussion. From what I have noticed once you get away from big cosmopolitan centers what is seen as acceptable to smoke is very specific. As an example, in Turkmenistan (outside of Ashgabat) no one seems to know what moassel is and every cafe serves locally made tombac or a jurak. When I gave people some Gulf moassel I was carrying in my brief case everyone was interested in it and wanted to try it. In parts of Indian, Iran and Turkey moassel simply is not allowed and suggesting people try something new would just piss everyone off. In Syria they get all pissed if you suggest that Iranian made Khansar is worth smoking and they will throw you out if you try and smoke some.

From what little I have seen of Egyptian big cities they are pretty laid back and far more accepting about what you choose to smoke. In most of the places i've spent time in cafes are sexually segregated (India of course is the exception but I have no idea about the Muslim portions of the country) and everyone accepts it. I don't recall ever seeing families smoke together in public so I guess that is taboo.

The cafes run by Christians tend to be more liberal about customs from what I've seen but that could be just me.

I have no idea at all what customs are like in the Balkans but hopefully someone here knows.

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