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Default Re: Traditional practices...

If you move to the middle of Saudi Arabia, shisha and moassel is completely forbidden as this is the most relegious and conservative part in that country. Currently, you can find small shops that sell hookah stuff but there are no hookah bars inside cities and villages. You have to drive for more than 20 miles to find hookah bars which are located outside cities. Again, it is not something that is banned by the government but it is a cultual thing.

If you move to the western part of Saudi Arabia, moassel is very popular and it is completely acceptable to smoke inside your house. Women and men are more liberal and there is no sexual segregation. The reason that moassel is popular here because of two reasons. First, this part is close to Egypt and we all know how moassel is very popular in Egypt. Second, in this part of the country, there is the holy city of Makkah and in every year, Muslim pilgrims who come to "Hajj", bring some merchendise from their countries including shisha.
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