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Default Re: Traditional practices...

This thread is great. It has everything. Thunder, thanks for reminding me of the Gedo. My friends would use that quite a bit but I didn't care for it much. I think it's because they weren't seen much . I would see them in the "coffee's" along the Gulf in Kuwait. "Coffee's" were the little state subsidized smoke and tea places. When I was there they seemed to concentrate on moassel and I was amazed at the ten or so flavors they had. Those places as well as the few restaurants that had smoking were users of charcoal. I see the word charcoal used quite a bit now but when I use it I'm referring to the type that's burnt and looks like pieces of wood of various sizes. That's all I would use and hope to find the same thing here in the States. I say all this but please understand the last time I was in Kuwait was in 1995 or so and from what I see it's changed an awful lot since then. I guess this can be the history lesson...but...I sure feel old!!!!
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