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Default Re: Traditional practices...

Originally Posted by RussianBlue View Post
This thread is great. It has everything. Thunder, thanks for reminding me of the Gedo. My friends would use that quite a bit but I didn't care for it much. I think it's because they weren't seen much . I would see them in the "coffee's" along the Gulf in Kuwait. "Coffee's" were the little state subsidized smoke and tea places. When I was there they seemed to concentrate on moassel and I was amazed at the ten or so flavors they had. Those places as well as the few restaurants that had smoking were users of charcoal. I see the word charcoal used quite a bit now but when I use it I'm referring to the type that's burnt and looks like pieces of wood of various sizes. That's all I would use and hope to find the same thing here in the States. I say all this but please understand the last time I was in Kuwait was in 1995 or so and from what I see it's changed an awful lot since then. I guess this can be the history lesson...but...I sure feel old!!!!
I used to live in a city that is 200 miles away from Kuwait and I visited that country many times. They have the best hookah bars I've ver seen and most of them are located on Arabian Gulf road. The quality of hookahs and moassel is amazing.
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