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Default Re: Traditional practices...

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
What i've noticed is that the cafes that you smoke moassel are divided between places that sell modern, gulf style fruity stuff or nakhla and places that only sell black or spiced traditional style products. Generally speaking you can only get modern fruity stuff from the gulf states in big cities. In some cafes i've seen smokers of black or spiced moassels separated from the tombac smokers but i've never seen black/spiced, fruity and tombac or jurak all in the same place.

Personally I like like the times I've had smoking in rural and coastal Syria the most although Babol Iran was great. A story about this is in Paul K's online zine.

As for foods it's usually fruits and nuts served with coffee or tea. Once in a while i've been places that serve sweets or soda as well but that is rare.
Hajo, I'll be returning to Saudi Arabia within a year, and I'll be more than glad to show you around if you ever decided to visit.
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