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Default Re: underage smoking

Originally Posted by brockjohnson
I know in France that it's legal at 16 and fewer teens smoke there. It's similar to turning 21 and alcohol, (or so I've heard) that you don't get as big of a kick out of it when it's legal.
No arguments here! When Ibecame legal age, I almost quit drinking. It took half the fun out of it.
Later when I was out on my own and started having some disposable income, I learned to appreciate a fine adult beverage. So, consequently, my taste in alcohol tends to be toward more unusual things. My current obsession is absinthe
The one thing I wish could really be done about this is for people to stop heckling smokers, we enjoy it, leave it be.
That is because there will always be a segment of the population that will never be happy as long as someone else is enjoying themselves.

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