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Default Re: Flavors that "stain" your hose

Nakhla Mizo Mint, Mizo Peach, Cappuccino, Earl Gray, Desi Murli...basically all the flavors I enjoy...
Also it is VERY possible to ghost a washable hose. Although you can wash these out, I have found that there is a distinguishable taste afterwords though. Not nearly as potent as the flavors that were there before you wash it but there is still a bit of a tinge. The best thing you can do to prevent serious ghosting is to blow the smoke out of the hose after you end your session, or if you're not drawing on it for more than 3-5 min. This has gotten me farther than washing my hoses. There is still a tinge but not nearly as bad as the time I forgot to blow Mizo Mint out of my hose(hateful hateful ghosting). It also should be added that I try not to wash my hose with hot water and invoke the anger of the Razan gods. Hot water might do more to remove the ghosting, but I dont have any back up hoses(other than my Desi Murli hose which I refuse to smoke anything else with).

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