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Default Re: My $15 hookah... stem i.d?

1. It is a plated Chinese the Purge valve and hose port gives it away.
2. The stem breaks down into a few parts the stem part that goes into the vase is aluminum and unscrews the Purge valve unscrews in two sections the Hose port unscrews as well. On the top of the stem the metal piece under the grommet unscrews then the tray and plated beads can be removed the main down stem of aluminum can then be unscrewed from the heart.
3. The heart is normal plated mild steel and common chambered there is no connecting tubes between the Purge valve and hose port to the chamber only a the four holes you see from the bottom. These hookah's tend to have major rusting issues in the heart.
4.I opened the heart on mine by prying the fold over joint open and then removed the excess metal with a grinder. then I use a big o-ring as a seal when assembling the heart the stem holds the hookah heart together that is the only way to fight against the rust.
5. Here in South Africa this is basically the hookahs that everybody buys for that is what is sold here. Any Syrian Km Mya or MZ does not exist here.
6. You will find with care the hookah should smoke fine just replace the steel bearing with a bb and take care of the heart for rust forms there very quickly.
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