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I'll add my 2 cents on this one:
Originally Posted by detroitmak View Post
Moving on, a hose is called a Nabrej (نبريج) or Colloquial Narbidj (نربيج) or Narbish (نربيج), Sonda is also used in parts of the Gulf and Iraq. On a side note, i dont know how well hookah john sells his Narbish in the Middle East, because translated the name of his hose is hose. i think its
SOme other dialects say "narabeesh" or "barabeesh"

Coal, one word fits all! Faham (فحم) ... thats it! I've hear jumra or jamrah as well

Tray is See-nee-ah (صينية) Sahen, which translates more to plate.
nice post. there are so many variances, even differences from town to town. makes understanding a bit difficult.
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