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I dunno.... :P
See, hookah smoke after you pull just doesnt disapear, it sits in every part of the hookah. The smoke sitting in the stem will cool, but only in-between pulls. It will not cool on the way down, while moving, that's impossible. Ice isn't cold enough to cause that kind of heat transfer that quickly.

When you have ice in the base however, the smoke is pulled directly through very low temperature water. Also, the density of that amount of smoke is spread out into bubbles, therefore the ice has to cool much less smoke all at one time; each bubble is cooled quicker than a large volume of smoke.

In the Stem:
1. The smoke is all one large dense mass. Also, only the smoke on the outside of that mass will cool a tiny bit, if at all. The middle of the mass stays warm.
2. When being pulled, the smoke running across the surface of the metal is moving too fast to be cooled. The ice isn't cold enough to actually effect the smoke while in motion.
3. The only way the smoke can be cooled is if it is stagnant inside the cold stem.

In the Base:
1. The smoke mass is divided up into tiny bubbles, so the ice has less amount of smoke to cool.
2. The smoke is directly touching the ice/ice water.
3. The icy cool vapors from the ice/ice water will cool the smoke sitting inside the base that has already passed through the ice water.
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