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It's gross plastic fumes, they are on every new rubber/plastic product but disappear after use.

The hose is stiff because it is harder plastic then you want to be using for a hose. Find a flimsier plastic tube. When you run hot water through it the molecules expand and that's why it is flimsy for a little while until it cools.

It falls out cause you don't have the right grommet, or you need to use something to keep it in if it doesn't fit, like tape or paper towel.

The Easiest fix: Buy a Razan or Nammor Hose. Hookah-shisha sells Nammors, Nazar and MNhookahs sell Razan hoses.

If you don't wanna spend that money, buy a Custom Hose from

Or get a new type of plastic hose.
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