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Originally Posted by Baginoman View Post
Well I'm thinking that most have the mentality that when their buying "apple" flavored shisha, licorice wouldn't be a predominant flavor...

Def. a lot of licorice in apple flavored shishas though; and I'm not a big fan of this either.
But you can smell it seeping out of 50 gram boxes, and you can search on any forum and find out abotu double apple, and you can ask the store you are buying from how it tastes - if they lie or tell you they don't know (in which case they are most likely lying) then you shouldn't ever buy from them again anyway.

So if you are buying a 250 gram tub of a tobacco you have never tried in your life, you get what you get and for not finding out about it earlier, that's your own fault, as most tobacco comes in smaller sample versions.
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