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Default Re: Local Newspaper Story

It makes some good point like the drinking age, and other things but for citation theirs no supporting evidence that this writer can use to really bash it. People from Egypt and other countries have been smoking for decades maybe longer. So that is were a real study should be done. Using college for a excuse that is on a rise is unrelenting to article. And like i said theirs no true evidence to this article I read about people who were from here and their but no real names just doctors. This is a joke of a article, Good point about the age but thats about it. Even if the drinking age would lower people would still hookah. With Obama Administration on the rise, that is were the real problem is. We have to stand united as a community so that if something does go wrong that we stand up for our rights as a free country. That as our rights we can still enjoy a tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years.
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