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Default Re: Purpose of Trimetal

Originally Posted by cherno83 View Post
I know that but i forgot to mention that the copper part didn't get warm at all. Like it was completely different temp from the rest of the stem. From the part the copper starts to the top of the stem was completely hot. So the metal touching the copper was hot and didn't make the copper hot at all. It's hard to word... lol

well since copper is one of the best heat conductors out there, it will dissapate heat extremely quickly to its surrounding, so generaly it would always feel cooler, its mainly y its used in computers as its ability to stay cool is unrivaled.

I dunno weather the km's are designed in that way for such a use, my guess would be its purely aesthetic, but i guess km have stumbled upon something, quite clever to keep the smoke cooler without even realising!
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