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Default Re: Local Newspaper Story

Originally Posted by manntis View Post
the comments are even worse - OMG, it's from the middle east! Buncha xenophobes.
I only smoke because our president is a Muslim, you know

On a more serious note, I like the point made in the comments about it being better than the kids going out and getting drunk at parties. How many people a year die as the result of someone driving home after a nice, relaxing session at a hookah lounge as opposed to those leaving bars? Me, personally, I'd rather sit around with a bunch of people smoking shisha than a rowdy crowd of puking, staggering drunks.

Another thing that irks me is the bias against hookah and cigarette smokers, while cigar smoking is still viewed as trendy. There was an entire article in our local "fine living" magazine about what our local cosmetic surgeons, real estate brokers and investment bankers are doing after a long, hard day - they're having wine and cigar tasting parties. Nothing in the article pointed to this being an "epidemic" or "an alarming trend". It was all about how suave it is to have cigar parties. I guess it's all in how the media spins it.
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