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Default Re: If your friend is setting up your hookah, make sure he knows how.

Hmm. I feel all lonely now. None of my friends are into hookah :\ I had one, his name is Jordan. He loved coming over and smoking hookah... After about the fifth or sixth time doing it with me, I made a decision. I figured i'd go out and buy a Sahara Smoke Nemesis at my local cigar shop for $85... I got home and went online to text him and tell him to come over. No joke, I had one new message from him on Mypace... It said, and I quote "f*** that s***"... Along with that wonderful set of words was a link... The link led to a radical view on a website on how bad smoking hookah is for you... Just so you guys know, apparently, smoking one 40 minute hookah session is as equivalent in tar and nicotine as 52 thousand packs of cigarettes in one day. You know what I said to that complete load of BS. Nothing! I had one of my hookah hoses in my mouth, and therefore couldn't speak...

I have tried telling him, and cursing him out a million times, that hookah isn't THAT bad for you. I mean c'mon. 53 thousand packs of ciggs in one day? Let's be real here. But, regardless, he still refuses to come smoke with me. Now I have an almost $90 hookah that none of my friends want to enjoy with me. hahahaha.
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