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Default Re: Custom Nammor Hose Tips

IMO keeping a 1/2" bore throughout the tip would make the mouth tip too big and not very comfortable to smoke from. I've bored my tips out ~13/32" at the thinnest points which is the most I could do without thinning the acrylic to the point where they're too easy to break. I would suggest shooting for 3/8" as you will end up with a hole slightly larger than that after drilling and smoothing the inside out.

With 3/8" holes in the tips and 1/2" ID hose, the hookah will be the restrictive part of the setup. For wide bored hookahs like KMs, the bowl will likely be the most restrictive part.

You might also want to pay attention to the taper of the tips. My Razan tips and gaskets are of a different taper than the Narbishes. The Narbish tips/gaskets have less of a taper and are bigger.
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