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Default I Got Some Fuzūlī Check It Out! (Pictures)

I got lucky in that fisherman pal of mine that owns a digital camera Stopped as promised and took a few pictures of my shipment. I got the "reserved" (3 years) and "economy" blends. I also got the "nazar option" for both blends which came in separate par of small ziplock bags. I don't know how to use it but I am awaiting instruction from a friend has tried it before.

Since I am trying to get an idea about how many people want this stuff and how to ask my contact to try and get I'd appreciate it that those of you want to get some Fuzūlī (and know they can afford it) post in this thread what they want, how much you want (it 25g increments only) and what country they are in.

Those of you that are interested should note that the prices are -

A) Number 1 blend or "classic": $50 U.S. per 100g plus postage
B) Number 2 blend or "economy: $39 U.S. per 100g plus postage
C) Number 3 blend or "Reserved": $60-80 per 100g plus postage depending upon the age (3,5 or 7 years)
D) "Nazar option" which is the addition of a spiral cut aromatic tobacco grown only by the family that makes the brand to any of the above for an extra $6.

Lastly, no one will make any money off of any sale and those that wait too long before stating their interest in buying some have an excellent chance of not being able to get any as this stuff goes very fast. If I can provide it i'll let you know in a few days.
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