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Yeah defiantly 2 coals on egyptian bowls and small phunnel bowls medium-large phunnel usually 3 does the trick and have them on the edge holes is really preference just make sure it gives air flow. Also on AF and layalina shisha it has a shit load of juice which can make the shisha harsh quicker i had a owner at my local hookah bar tell me to drain the juice either by putting it in a towel u dont care about and just squeeze over a trash can or put 5 paper towels on a plate poor shisha on that and then put 5 more on top of that and just make it a ball and squeeze it add paper towels if needed dont have to squeeze all of it out i do this when i open it for the first time there was a difference I notice that it didnt burn at all tasted flavor the full 1.5hr of smoking I just do it to those two which is the main brands i smoke
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