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Default Re: I Got Some Fuzūlī Check It Out! (Pictures)

Hey Bungle, let me know how much you are thinking about and remember that I can break anything down into 25g increments assuming i'll be able to get it.

A note on packaging is that the best known Fuzūlī is the number 1 "classic" blend which comes in a wooden box that is pretty much the same as Shooting Star's seasonal blends are packed in.

I'll have an idea about shipping charges shortly.

Just found out that the shipping charges to anyone not in Turkey (which I guess is everyone here) is $14 which is based upon the assumption that the package will never have a shipping weight of less then .5kg and not more then 1kg. Those weight estimates are based upon the assumption that there won't be enough for some one to buy more then 3 jars/boxes worth. My friend says if the quantities available are more then I am guessing they are he'll pay any difference in the in shipping charges himself up to 50%.

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