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Default Re: I Got Some Fuzūlī Check It Out! (Pictures)

Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
Hi Hajo im from the Uk and definitely interested but id just like to ask a few questions first.

Do you have to buy a certain amount to get it in the original packaging?
Which is the one in the Jar?
I don't understand the nazar option?
Which one out of the classical and reserved blend would you recommend to someone like me who hasn't really tried anything more traditional than nakhla pistachio?
Also does this stuff has to be smoked within a certain time limit?
In answer to your questions:
1) If you buy 100g of any thing you'll get the packaging assuming that I can get it. The #3 blend (reserve) is the only one that comes in a jar. Blend #1 comes in a small wooden box like Shooting Star's seasonal blends and blend #2 comes wrapped in wax paper tied with string.
2) I can't really say what any of the blends are like other then to suggest you read the reviews that i'll post in the next day or two. I can say they are a good deal more mellow then juraks and some of the old fashioned black moassels.
3) My guess would be that none of Fuzūlī blends need to be smoked in any given time limit since they command higher prices as they age.
4) I'll have to write up something about the Nazar option separately since it's sort of complicated.
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