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Default Re: I Got Some Fuzūlī Check It Out! (Pictures)

Originally Posted by brando147 View Post
put me down as a definate maybe for option A, B and C. 100g each... if you still have some a week from today i'll buy it gladly ... i'm very eager to try some of this stuff

one question, how does it compare to SS as far as flavor, buzz, cut, wetness and all of that stuff?
OK, keep in mind that I don't have any to sell yet and I am unsure if I will be able to get it but I am working on it.

As to buzz well that is tough since that is mostly a matter of how you smoke. Still, it's unwashed so it's much stronger then say AF/SB/AW etc. I'd say it's stronger then Al Fakher Soft Black but not as heavy as most juraks or Shooting Star. The buzz is relaxing and pleasant to most people but I don't notice any personally.
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