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Default Nazar Option

For those that were wondering what the disk shaped tobacco in the one picture was that is the nazar option I mentioned. An order of the nazar option gives you about 40g. worth of a strange "auxiliary" moassel that you use with anyone of the Fuzūlī blends.

I've been speaking to people more knowledgeable about traditional moassels then I am and i've got some info on the nazar option. The name by the way comes from the fact that it looks like an eye thanks to the dark inner circle which is made out of fire cured Zeghreen tobacco which is aged a mango based herb called Amchur. The aged Zeghreen tobacco is then rolled into a cylinder shape which is then rolled into a larger batch of flute cured Yenidje tobacco and the combination is then aged in oak before being thinly sliced and baked at low temperatures for a very long time in an extremely light molasses.

What you do is you take one or two of the disks, cut them in half and cover the bottom of the bowl with them and poke them with a pin several times before layering in the Fuzūlī blend you plan on smoking until the bowl is half way filled. Next, take another one or two disks, cut them in half and place them on top of the main blend. Lastly you fill the remained of the bowl with the main blend and proceed to smoke as normal.
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