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Default How to Bring the Husband Over to the Dark Side?

When I initially became interested in hookahs I had it in my head that it would be something my husband and I enjoy together. We both smoke cigarettes, but I'm getting tired of the high prices for a carton, chain smoking in the car, and over all feeling like crap. I was kind of hoping the hookah would help ween us off the sticks.

Well, the first night I had my little cheap hookah set up on the deck I was enjoying my new found interest with some Al Waha Arabic Coffee and I asked my husband if he would like to try it. He grabbed the hose and I cautioned him to take it easy. Did he listen? Nope. He took for granted being a "seasoned" cigarette smoker and took this monster drag and then deeply inhaled it. He got all choked up and within minutes grew light-headed and nauseated. He declared, "eh, not for me" and went back in the house to recover. He was fine after a few minutes, but the whole debacle really turned him off to the experience.

So now I just feel kind of lonely smoking all by myself. We both have our separate interests and hobbies, so I was hoping this would be the one thing we could enjoy together as a couple; however, that first bad experience seems to have really put him off altogether.

I am expecting an order to arrive soon from Hookah John. It's a super sweet Magdy Zidan 36" (the Oracle, I believe?) with a Razan hose. I also ordered some shisha. I'm hoping maybe a better rig and some good shisha would persuade him to give it another go.

I definitely won't nag or pressure him, but I'd kind of like for him to try again once I get my new set-up to see if it doesn't yield a better experience for him. Has anyone else ever experienced something similar - a friend or parnter trying the hookah once and having a bad time at it and simply chalking it up as something they'd never try again? Am I destined to be a lonely shisha smoker?
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