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Default Re: I Got Some Fuzūlī Check It Out! (Pictures)

Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
Im wondering is this stuff better than shooting star? How does the price of shooting star compare to this?
I suppose that your question is sort of like asking which is better Königsegg, Austin Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Gumpert? The answer is that they all are fantastic but different. The same is true of wine, ale and art.

Shooting star blends tend to be bolder but since they use different tobaccos the overall effect simply different then other traditional moassels. Personally, i'd say that al-Buturī, Bachi-Bagli Halva or Samsun Maden-Canek Halva are my favorites when I want heavy bodied smoke with a rich, moderately sweet flavour profile that is simple. Fuzūlī is more of a medium bodied and super complex sort of product.

In terms of prices it's tough to say since most traditional style products aren't exported and are sold without the shocking taxes, shipping, distributor and retail fees we are so used to paying. Shooting Star typically sells for about 10-20€ for 250g in Syria depending upon the blend and where you get it. If it was sold in the U.S. the price would likely triple and in Europa you'd like likely 5-10 times as much if you could get it.
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