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Exclamation Re: Favourite tangiers flavours

Originally Posted by HippieMama View Post
If you're interested in the in-depth synopses of the various lines of Tangiers and flavors, definitely check out the review threads. I always refer to the shisha review board and videos when considering a tobacco purchase.

Tangiers Lucid:

Tangiers Noir:

Bear in mind I have yet to try Tangiers, as I'm a hookah noob and I've heard it packs a pretty strong punch. With that said, my very basic understanding is that the Lucid line does not require acclimating and does not deliver as strong of a buzz as the Noir line. And I've also heard that if you want to be knocked to your bum there is also an F-line, which is a caffeinated shisha.

F line has been discontinued. But I second this post. Check out the review sections. There are full of exactly what you are looking for.

Personally I would say melon blend is my current favorite. It's like a combination of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. It's candied and natural in the same note.

I say stick to the lucid line until you think it's time to step up. I find a lot of goodness in combining the two to mellow out the problems that can be associated with the noir line. Also the buzz. Once you get the packing and heat techniques you need for the noir you can step up if the buzz is appealing to you.
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