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Default Mya long handle wood hose

I just got one of these and I was sooo tempted to just cut it in half and see if it is washable lol. It has a removable mouth peice and it is fairly flexible, in fact it has about the same flaxibility of my razan so you would think it is washable. So I took a flashlight, shined it down the handle and took a peek and though I couldnt see much I saw enough.. it has a metal coil running though it, and the reason for the flexibility is because it is a very thin coil, not the thick ones like the standard mya hoses have. I am not exacyly sure what kind of metal it was but I know it was metal because the light was reflecting off the shiny surface of it.

So I am pretty sure these are NOT washable... just in case anyone cares. lol
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