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Default Re: whats the deal with phunnels?

Originally Posted by Tunisiano View Post
didnt like how they turned out?
i would easily buy one if they were just a smaller version of the "small" tangiers phunnel.. i've seen 1 or 2 videos with the mini phunnel and it looked fine to me
i think Eric's thinking was that people wouldn't be using as much Tangiers shisha in the mini phunnel as they would in a small one so decided to stop making them lol
Tangiers is the only hookah tobacco company that openly encourages people to reuse thier product and has provided information on how to do so, so your guess on mini phunnels linked to tobacco sales is incorrect.

Many people continue to ask for the miniphunnel to go back into production, but for now this is a tangiers lounge walk-in excluse (the 2.0 version which performs much better).
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