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Default Re: Oh, She's so Sexay!

So, I cleaned her up and got everything ready so I could have a nice, relaxing smoke tonight whilst watching "Coraline" and I noticed just how big of a noob I am at this. For starters, I really need to get my heat management down pat. I was only using two coals and yet I somehow managed to still burn the shisha. I think the bowl was too full. So, I fixed that.

But something caught my attention as I was smoking - smoke was coming from between the base and the gasket. I also noticed I was having a difficult time drawing from the hose and was producing very little smoke. Upon closer inspection I think I know what the culprit may be:
Nobody is a noob it is like driving a car with a new car one makes some mistakes like which side the Indicators are located ect.

1. Fluff the tobacco in the bowl keep to below the rim if you are more used to your old Chinese use that bowl for you know how that works.
2. check that the purge valve is not stuck open make sure the bb is loose and can move freely.
3. Lube the grommets (water or vegetable oil)
4. Make sure that the water level in the base is above stem base (about 1")
5. Foil must be tight on the Bowl I use a pattern of 7 to 9 holes with a toothpick 1 in center rest around the rim make sure to push the toothpick to the bottom of the bowl (creates channels through the tobacco for the heat)
6. Coals must be fully lit and ashed over.
7. Blow through hose before use to make sure that it is not blocked by anything
8. Place coals on Bowl wait a few minutes before starting to smoke (give tobacco time to warm up)
9. Smoke as normal and enjoy
10. watch heat and purge if smoke is harsh

Just a few pointers hope it helps
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