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Default Re: I Got Some Fuzūlī Check It Out! (Pictures)

Manufacturer, Flavour & size:
Fuzūlī , #2 blend (economy), 100g


36" Syrian Crystal, Namoor hose, Small funnel bowl with Scalli mod, 3 pieces of Al Awa’el coal replaced after about an hour. Foil with very small sized holes poked with pin. Hole configuration 4 per row with the rows spaced every 15mm or so. Left about 3-4mm from top of bowl empty. Used about 15g worth of moassel.

Packing (10 pt.):

The moassel was wrapped in wax paper tied with string which was then placed in a zip lock bag. .Upside: Old fashioned charm combined with a practical method to preserve freshness. Downside: Vacuum packing would be better for long term storage although since this stuff doesn’t sit around I guess that is not an issue. Stacking the little wax paper pouches isn’t easy.
8 points.

Appearance & Stems (10 pt.):

Mixed cuts ranging from fine (about twice as big as H-H or DM) to long and thin ribbons that are roughly 30mm-40mm long and about 3-4mm wide. The tendency is for the longer cuts to be about 1/4 to 1/5 of the total. No stems. The moassel ranges in colour from a mid tan to black. Texture is damper then pipe tobacco but not as wet as most moassels so I’d say a bit more moist then Des Merli, slightly sticky and quite lovely to touch.
10 points.

Smell & Taste (40 pt.):

A rich earthy spell predominates with various herbal (not spices) notes vying for attention although I couldn’t pick out any particular herb. The smell of honey, toasted and Oriental style pipe tobaccos rounded out a very complicated cocktail of aromas that is best described as nearly Devine.

The taste is pretty tough to describe but I’ll give it a shot. The first thing I noticed is that this is a very mellow and rich set of flavours that at first reminded me of mellower Al Fakher Soft Black with a taste of creamed honey. The sweetness fades quickly and heavy but far from strong Oriental tobacco taste comes in with something reminding me of Alehoof and Avens faintly in backround along with something else I can’t figure out. Personally I like a bit more assertive flavour profile this this but it was quite sublime, complicated and very classically Turkish. A unique and delightful flavour.
38 points.

Smoke & Mouth Feel (20 pt.):
Smoke amount was about the same as average gulf style moassel, colour was light gray and texture was thick and luxurious providing a great mouth feel. 17 points

Value (20 pt.):
I got this for $39 for 100g and found it an extremely pleasant and unique smoke a bit mellower and sweeter then expected but complicated enough to fully occupy my attention. The bowl lasted a full two hours and took two full sets of coals. The value is a complicated judgment to make since the I know that price is very high but having seen the labour and artistry that went into making it I have a deeper appreciation of the product and objectively this not the sort of thing that can be reproduced on an industrial scale.
16 points.

Total Score: 89 points
thanks hajo

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