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Default Re: Im new.. need advice on supply of Khalil Mamoon

Hi Mate,

thanks.. Yes Al Mustafa are coming back with a price to me.. but i might make a trip to Cairo.

Decor will be simple. Area is 18m x 10m, and we have budgeted 30k for decor.

Yeah defo normal coals.. not swift or quicklites.. they ruin the taste..

We will have a milkshake and desert hut, on street side, and that will be the pull factor.

Yeah most have been shit, which is why im so passionate about a good Hookah lounge, that Im adamant on making this a success..

What is Phunnel? sorry, i havent heard that term before.

How do the apple heads work? we tried them at some bbq, but the fruit just disintegated in front of us as it smoked lol..

Yeah, we wanna have 20 shisha flavours, mainly Alfakher, but will consider other brands if there is any recommendations or feedback on others..

what about starbuzz / skybuzz or what ever they are called....

where is Queensway by the way? sorry i might know the road, just not the name lol...

Is it by Angel/Islington?

we are thinking of using intimate lighting, modern theme with moroccan lamps to mix and make it low lit and ambient.. whats ur thoughts..

any sheesha cafes you have seen that you like would be great to know so i can peak at them..

What do you think of Moroccan Gardens out in East London.
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