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Default You know you spend too much time on hookahpro when...

You know you spend too much time on when:

1. It's set as your IE home page
2. You start typing and your browser gives you a hundred recently visited choices to auto-fill your url choice.
3. You've ever looked for the or 8) emoticon only to realize you're typing a regular email.
4. You talk to your online friends more frequently than your "real life" friends.
5. You get your current events from "Off-Topic" and your hookah topics from "Hookah Discussion."
6. You catch yourself talking about something a member said in hookah discussion when you're talking to your spouse.
7. Your girlfriend thinks you've become obsessed with hookahs
8. Hookahpro is the first thing you check when you wake up, and the last thing you check before you go to sleep
9. You want to give something back to the community you adore!

What are your signs/symptoms of addiction?
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