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Default Long time no talk

Hey, its been a LONG time since I've popped in. Stopped smoking hookah for a while and switched to cigs. Looking to get back into hookahs, but I'm kinda looking into grabbing something interesting instead of what I've had in the past.

My hookah history goes a bit like this. First hookah I ever got was maybe 5-6 years ago, I got one of those el cheapos from ebay. You know, the kind that says 'colored glass' and it's just acrylic with blue shrink wrap lol. After that I moved up a little bit and grabbed a rotator, After that I grabbed a 'star-gate.' And after that I grabbed a Khalil mamoun which was by far the best investment I had ever made.

Since I lost all of my stuff, I'm looking to buy a new hookah soon but want to try something different. Kind of been looking at the meduse pipe hookahs because I like the concept.

Honestly, I'm looking for something modern and interesting, but don't want to sacrifice smoke for it. I've heard mixed reviews on the meduse, and the price tag is a bit sad(probably sadder since most people aren't going to able to drop like $800). Wonder what the word is on hookahs today since the community has gotten a lot bigger recently then it was before.

Worse comes to worse, my back up idea is to grab a khalil trimetal. Would be nice to try a true syrian, but most of the ones I see online are only syrian by looks(most ive seen dont have break down stems).

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