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Default Re: quality cleaning brushes

Yeah, Egyptian cleaning crushes tend to be weak and poorly made. The best cleaning brushes I've come across are the ones that come with Mya hookahs. Both of my brushes are real stiff and very durable. They also do a way better job at scrubbing and cleaning than any other type of hookah brush I've seen.

The only problem with Mya brushes, is that they're specificly made for Mya hookahs only. Meaning, the diameter of the brush won't be wide enough to scrub a wide holed Egyptian. It's hard to explain. The Mya brushes I have, fit like a glove for my Mya hookah. You don't need to move it around in order to scrub the entire insides of the stem. You just insert and pull out and that's it.

It's made at the perfect size to just slip in and scrub all around. I know for a fact though that my Mya brush won't work on my wider Egyptian stem, simply because the brush is not wide enough to scrub everything. But if you could find out the exact inner diameter of your stem, and compare it to a typical Mya stem, then I think you could determine if it would fit or not.
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