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Default Re: Im new.. need advice on supply of Khalil Mamoon

Originally Posted by The Boss View Post
yes, these look right..

I have researched on them, still pricey though.. some sell them for 15 each online, but id rather get the other ones and keep 100s on replacement so as they need changing, i change them..

do you know where i can find your recommendation cheaper?
Contact nazar hookah they manufacture them, im sure they are a lot cheaper wholesale

Also if you dont want washable hoses, just go to egypt and bring back the KM hoses they cost 2 max and im sure you can bring back 50-60 in a suitcase and your weight allowance, and since you get cheap flights, this imo is the best option.

Also maybe you can keep one hose per flavour or one pipe per flavour, because DA ghost in the hookah and the hose for a while, so if you have one pipe just for DA one for just mints etc it will make your hookah and hoses last longer

Originally Posted by The Boss View Post
The Moroccan Garden is out towards Essex side.. near Ilford
Have you got a address i ive literally 5 mins from ilford, il pop down when they start opening in the day, is it on cranbrooke road?

[quote=The Boss;195473]wow.. expensive indeed... the thought scares me.. i have to look for work arounds on courier.. or alternatively...


Have you tried DHL, i think they let you bring pallets in from foreign countrys for 200 or 300, so its not that bad
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