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Default Re: whats the deal with phunnels?

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
There are several reasons why he doesn't like the mini but it really boils down to him feeling it doesn't smoke good enough because of the size.......................... It also doesn't help that people complained about the size after they actually got them.
Thats actually the reason the mini phunnels I made never made it to the market, there isn't enough surface area to smoke properly, the smoke was almost non exsistant in everything except hookah hookah and even then it was extremly thin. I tried a few diff styles you really can't make a bowl that size other than a standard and have it functional....

As far as the phunnel issue it tends to smoke the best out of anything with wet shisha, but you run into the issue of the foil getting sucked down the middle every now and then... I like the vortex the best for that reason
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