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Default Re: Mya long handle wood hose

Originally Posted by MrDoo View Post
I thought that MYA hoses were washable?
They're washable if you enjoy getting a mouth full of rust. It's probably a rule of thumb to guess that if it's made by maya, you should run.

Stick with the rubber hoses honestly if you want a longer term hose. Razzan(nazzar backwards har har) and the other versions out there a good bet. Honestly they're washable in the sense you can run water through them without rusting. I never felt like the hoses were actually clean after a good rinse though. Stuff really seems to stick to the rubber.

But longevity wise, the rubber hoses will outlast everything else on the market. Just make sure you don't smoke some rank/stanky shisha like the al waha mint chocolate (after 5 or something? been a while lol).

Picking up metal coil hoses is possibly the most defeating mistake you can make sometimes. It really sucks when you're stuck with no backups other then a stinky rust tube.
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