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Default Re: I am getting a Syrian .. & I need your opinions

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
honestly wet it as much as you want, just make sure to towel dry the stem when you're done each time so its cleaner for water leaking i dont think everyone has that issue
It's hard to notice if you do get water trapped in there. I never knew it was happening after weeks of cleaning it until I took the heart apart and saw the insides. Ever since then I've been checking it and I'm pretty sure it still happens occasionally even though I'm careful when cleaning it now.

The only way to really fix it is to seal the stem pieces together and the bottom lip of the heart where the two pieces that form it meet, but that won't end up looking very good. I'm still contemplating whether or not it's worth the effort to solder them as I'm already going to redo some of the nickel plating anyhow. Just don't keep the stem under running water for long or let it soak and it shouldn't be much of an issue.

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
Its too tall for me lool, when i sit down the phunnel is just under eye level mayb same level , and the base is really small and feels like its gona tip over
The base on the medium is a size 26 vase so if you feel the size 30 on the large is unstable, you'll probably feel the same way with the medium. The bottom of the medium vase is more rounded and has a flat portion that's ~1" smaller in diameter than the large. IMO the medium feels much better on a size 30 vase but the proportions don't look as good.

Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
I see !!
So, the normal question which hookah do u prefer KM or AF?
If you want the widest draw, get a KM. The AF does not have internal bores as large as a KM. The AF's draw is in between a Mya and a KM. Whether or not that makes it smoke better is up to you. The purge is slow but it does work.

Quality is a toss up because it can vary with both. Construction wise, I wasn't very happy when I saw the AF has crimped tubing for internals instead of proper bends but you'll probably be oblivious to the flow restrictions it causes unless you have problems. Mine came with holes at one of the crimps on the purge tube, which is the biggest reason why I chose to take it apart and build new internals. It's also why I recommend checking for leaks when you first get it. Be sure to check the stem tube also, especially if you get a large as some of them aren't one long piece but are two soldered together. I know I've already talked to someone who has a leak at that joint, which sucks because it's the hardest part to get at to fix.

If your AF comes with no leaks and you're ok with it not having the widest draw then you'll be happy to know you're getting a solid hookah that just so happens to be one of the best looking ones on the market (IMO).

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