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Default Re: CO poisoning?

No, it will only make you light headed and cramp up quicker. There are really only two things you can do, breath only oxygen, get in a hyperbaric chamber, or in your case, just wait it out.

If you are feeling dizzy and stuff, go to the hospital.

The problem is that when you jog your body is going to extract as much oxygen from your blood and red blood cells as possible to supply your muscles. With that CO loaded on your some of your red blood cells, oxygen can't load to it when you breath and thus isn't in your blood in the amount that it should be. Jogging might just cause you to hyperventilate as your body is trying to get more oxygen, but breathing more won't make a difference b/c the CO has a stronger attraction to your red blood cells than oxygen.

Hyperventilating will just cause you more problems like respiratory alkalosis (your blood becomes too basic in pH).

Basically, don't jog and if you are feeling dizzy go to the hospital. You are feeling a little out of it right now, because there is just slightly less oxygen going to your brain than usual and its not able to function 100%. Don't worry, from what you described you should be fine in a couple days.

Hope that helps!
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