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Default Re: CO poisoning?

I ended up having to do a bit of research years ago on carbon monoxide poison after having severe symptoms.

Honestly, don't take the symptoms lightly at all. By the time I put two and two together I had been suffering from unexplainable, crippling, headaches. I was having nose bleeds which I had never had a problem with before, dizzyness, light headedness, fatigue etc

Some of what's being said seems to be reflecting sugar levels more-so then carbon monoxide poison. When carbon monoxide enter's the blood, it literally blocks the ability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen. I can't find the exact info I read before, but I was under the impression that co sit's in the bloodstream blocking the cells ability to carry oxygen until the cell's die and are replaced.

Here's a list of symptoms to watch out for according to emedicinehealth :

[LIST][*]Headache[/LIST] [LIST][*]Dizziness[/LIST] [LIST][*]Nausea[/LIST] [LIST][*]Flu-like symptoms, fatigue[/LIST] [LIST][*]Shortness of breath on exertion[/LIST] [LIST][*]Impaired judgment[/LIST] [LIST][*]Chest pain[/LIST] [LIST][*]Confusion[/LIST] [LIST][*]Depression[*]Hallucinations[*]Agitation[*]Vomiting[*]Abdominal pain[*]Drowsiness[*]Visual changes[*]Fainting[*]Seizure[*]Memory and walking problems[/LIST]
The best preventative method is to not chain smoke your hookah obviously. If you're going to insist on smoking in your house, pick up a detector and keep it around. Mine would literally go off during a session almost daily. To be safe, keep windows open and have a way to circulate the air out/in. Smoking outside is the safest option. Also, limit your hookah, don't smoke 5 sessions a day obviously, don't over-lap sessions and do not take carbon monoxide poison lightly.
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