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Default Re: preparing tombac with a lack of glycerine

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Check out the matter hatter post. Don't put glycerin in tombac. You should know that Zaghloul or plain Salloum or DM is not tombac. All three are black moassels which require a totally different way to set up then does tombac.
i am indeed aware that they are different styles and require different setup... i am merely experimenting with things that i've heard of people trying, and seeing how i like it, as i stated earlier in the thread: "@madhatter: yeah, i'm wanting to try it a couple different ways that i've heard of it being prepared... the method you suggested is one of them, then i've also heard of people adding spices herbs and honey, letting it sit over night then cooking it while wrapped in foil at a low temperature..."
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