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Default is money the only factor or not?

I consider the people who take the time to browse and contribute to the forums to be the most educated when it comes to hookah knowledge. You can see from a lot of the discussions here that nakhla is king of shisha. Also not everyone that has an opinion is posting. I wanted to ask why nakhla, and why not so much a brand like starbuzz.
Starbuzz is twice the price as nakhla. I have my own opinions as well and smoke nakhla at least twice a week but sb more like twice a year (a bit more but just to show you the difference)
I'd like to ask, if the prices were the opposite would you switch?
I'm currently smoking tangerine dream by sb and only have it open since I had some friends visit my booth this past weekend at a festival; they are avid sb people and I opened them a tin to smoke while we were there. They have no problem w sb prices, smoke almost daily and would frown upon me serving or suggesting nakhla. These folks are a bit older and can splurge on sb.
My question to you is would you be pro sb and less inclined to smoke nakhla if the prices were switched.
(Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with me being a vendor, especially since this will never happen. Please don't take this as any type of vendor thread)
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