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Default Re: is money the only factor or not?

Don't get me wrong I love smoking starbuzz and I have a few favorites but many of their flavors are almost artificial, candyish chemical taste. Example: Smoking Citrus Mist one night and my one friend said it tastes like laundry soap. I smoke what I like regardless of price, generally I try to go for the best flavors a brand makes, when I was new all I bought was starbuzz, but now I like a bit of a buzz and since Nakhla is unwashed it does the trick and the flavors taste more like what they are supposed to taste like and it just so happens to be inexpensive. It really doesn't matter what the price is, if starbuzz was $9 for 250g and tasted like shit I wouldnt buy it but I sure as hell would shell out $22 for Nakhla if it tasted right (Don't get any ideas John lol). Its not the price that dictates my buying habits but the quality.
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