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Default Re: preparing tombac with a lack of glycerine

thank you VERY MUCH hajo, that was a good deal of the information i required, but was unable to find.

-for the pipe tobacco, should i use an unflavored, or is that merely personal preference? and should i get this tobacco wet similar to preparing tombac?
-and, with the tobacco leaves, i'm also assuming that by not washing it, you mean to just prepare the leaves the same way i would for tombac. is that correct, or do you have a different method?
-is there a specific type of molasses that i should use, or will a jar of "grandma's" brand molasses work?
-and some guidelines would be appreciated for the ratio of oils to tobacco. for example... if i wanted a moassel with a with a cinnamon, clove and nutmeg taste; what would be a good balance of oils if i'm just making enough for a couple bowls? additionally, what is your favorite mix of oils?

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