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Default Re: New Hookah - HS Syrian Chiller

I have this hookah, and there are some VERY simple mods that will turn this into a good hookah into a great hookah. The biggest problem with this hookah is the autoseal valves. If you look into the port stem, what do you see? 3 small tiny ass holes that act as a screen, so the bearing in the autoseal valve doesn't get sucked up into the hose.

This DRASTICALLY reduces your airflow, and is why the hookah is hard to draw. Now, typically, I use this hookah in a 1 hose capacity, so I just got some of the rubber port stoppers, and plugged up the other 2 ports. Sure you can keep the release valves you have on there too, but when I got mine, it didn't come with them. Granted with the nature of the autoseal ports, you don't need a release valve, as they pretty much already are.

Any way onto the mod. Now, what I did was order an extra hose port from H-S (they're like 7 or 9 bucks). This way If I want to have the autoseal port again, I can switch them out. All you are going to do is drill out the 3 tiny holes to make one big hole. Just find a way to clamp the hose port down, get out a drill, and use a drill bit that's roughly the same size as the inside of the port, but be careful its not too big so you don't mess up the screw threads.

The metal is very soft, so its easy to drill through, but be sure to be careful and clamp it down well in case it catches. Once you have your new hose port drilled out, you know have a very nice airflow through out the hookah, assuming you have a decent hose too. While the hoses that come with this hookah, are very pretty, they suck for airflow. Get yourself a Nammor, or Razan. Coupled that with your new hose port, throw on a Phunnel, and you have a seriously kick ass hookah.

All and all, this is a VERY simple mod, and really does make a huge performance difference. Buying the extra hose port is not necessary, its just so you can switch it back to its default state easily. I rarely switch mine out at all, I just say screw it, as I like my unrestricted port. You just have to remember to put your thumb over your hose when other ppl smoke is all.. No big deal really. I didn't bother to mod the other ports. Anyone else who I use all 3 hoses for, aren't hookah regulars, and don't take the monster hits I take. Anyone who does, I just share the one port.

Hope this helps. Its a great hookah! Looks awesome and smokes amazing (after the mod). I'd love to see if there's a big difference between a modded one of these, and a KM. I'm betting they'd be close, but the KM would be alittle better, assuming it had a bigger ID for all the ports, and stem.

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