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Default Re: is money the only factor or not?

i know i would sure be ordering more SB to try flavors. i think one of the issues is that its expensive so people only want to try the more unusual flavors and then get turned off from the whole brand when some of the more simple flavors might be great smokes.

i have honestly tried less than 10 SB flavors, most were decent (granted 2 were out of very very dirty hookahs so idk how the flavors are really cause they tasted horrid but its was mostly the super dirty mya taste). were as ive tried 25ish of nakhla cause up if i hate the flavor i lost less than 10 bucks, and rarely do i hate the flavors, just might rarely smoke them

i would say price is probably a factor and i would probably order more SB if the prices were reversed but if it was all the same price i know i would order more nakhla but i sure would be willing to drop cash on SB

from what ive been hearing JMs seems to be the better buy compared to SB so maybe that will become a larger brand in my stash once i try some, not much more expensive than nakhla so im up for it

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