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Default Re: New Hookah - HS Syrian Chiller

Originally Posted by chain View Post
for a thread that was started almost a year and a half ago this seems to be doing quite well. the draw on this type of pipe was my biggest problem. if i'm gonna shell out that kind of money i'm going to want a hookah that has permant valves not ones that screw on and off.
there are single hosed chillers out there, but at one point they only got the 3 port stems and just used the adapters to vary the ammount, the hose port screwing on isnt really that big of an issue considering the whole thing is solid, you want to worry when the down stem, chamber and upper stem are threaded together.

as for the draw, its not wide open, but still flows well, not everyone likes to breathe in the smoke, some people like the control of a slight restriction.

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