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Default Re: Temsah 31" Tri-Metal Leaning

Originally Posted by swaflyer1 View Post
I got a Temsah 31" trimetal hookah and when i set it all up the stem leans sideways quite a bit. is there any way to fix this? i am using a narbish hose and a KM blue camel base (the setup on ********** for the temsahs)

any ideas would be greatly appreciated. i have tried making a wedge out of folded tin foil, but i don't like doing that every time.

i think it is simply the result of it being handmade, but thats not really an excuse to me...
If the grommet is completely 100% tight, a narbish will make it lean. The handle for the hose port end is semi problematic on the narbish.
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